Farmassist Equine Wash

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1.      Disinfection of equine facilities & all equine equipment, including use in the following situations:


•     As an everyday broad spectrum disinfectant for horses, equipment and their environment

•    As a preventative to stop the spread of viruses, bacteria and infection

•    Disinfecting laundry (all equine clothing & gear)

•    Sterilisation of any inanimate objects


2.   As an irrigation solution for combating infection and killing bacteria in wounds to prevent ongoing infection & disease, including such situations as follows:  


•       All minor laceration wounds – cuts, sores, gashes, scratches

•       Cleaning and debriding wounds

•       Skin infections

•       Skin rashes (e.g. post clipping)

•       Mud fever

•       Rain scald

•       Other fungal microbes

•       Skin ulcers

•       Post-surgical sites

•       Irritated skin

•       As first aid treatment for bacterial prevention on common cuts and abrasives

•       Any sort of unexplainable skin irritations/rashes

•       Cleaning umbilical & navel sites