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Natural Supplement for Stomach Irritation and Gastric Health

Gastric irritation can make horses sensitive in the stomach, girthy, reluctant to go forward or a picky eater. 

Kohnke’s Own Gastro-Coat is a natural, helpful supplement for gastric issues, with multiple actions in the stomach and small intestine to help maintain digestive health and improve appetite.

Gastric ulcers (EGUS) are a problem in 60-90% of horses in training and competition.  Many vets prescribe omeprazole-based drugs when horses show symptoms of EGUS.  Gastro-Coat is highly complementary to EGUS medications with different but synergistic actions.  Gastro-Coat is also much more economical and can be used long-term without ill-effects. 

Our Concept for Gastro-Coat

Developed by Dr. John Kohnke to target the underlying reasons why horses develop gastric irritation, Gastro-Coat is an innovative, effective multi-action supplement to help support gastric health and function. 

Gastro-Coat is economical as a daily supplement for optimal gastric health in all horses.  Gastro-Coat’s natural ingredients help to optimise gastric health, chewing efficacy and digestive function in all horses. 

Gastro-Coat is particularly beneficial to horses with gastric irritation issues, picky eating problems, stomach sensitivity or those on regular or long-term gastric ulcer treatment programs.