Hairy quarter marker kit

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Our HAIRY PONY QTR MARK KIT contains the perfect tools to create crisp, clean quarter marks!

The HAIRY PONY QTR MARK COMB features three distinct sizes for checkerboard & stripe patterns. The small comb measures 2.5cm, medium 6.5cm & large 10cm.

Crafted from North American Oak, our HAIRY PONY QTR MARK BRUSH is the perfect tool to create outstanding, clean, crisp patterns in the coat. The HAIRY PONY QTR MARK BRUSH is made with tightly packed, 100% natural pig bristle mixed with soft gold copper for firm & impeccably clean brush strokes. The HAIRY PONY QTR MARK BRUSH has been thoughtfully & professionally designed to be the correct size & rectangular shape to aid in sharks teeth design.

Due to the elegant natural characteristics of North American Oak each brush may differ slightly in colour & wood grain.

Create your signature look today! Click the link to watch it in action!