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Show  Calm soothes horses who find shows and big events overwhelming. Loud speakers, flapping flags and bunting, unfamiliar accommodation, smells and surrounds can all add up to sensory overload that causes anxiety and underminds your horse's performance.

Show Calm does not artificially enhance performance, rather it supports your horse's efforts to perform to the best of their abilities.

QuestionHow does Show Calm differ from our Chilled Out Horse product and Spook Buster?

Answer: Show Calm is formulated to fill the gap between those 2 products:
Chilled Out Horse is an excellent general calmative but some horses need something a bit stronger when away from home.
Spook Buster is for panic and severe stress and can only be given when symptoms are present. Whereas Show Calm can be given into the water bucket, on feed or on a treat before symptoms occur, to help avoid stress building up from the new surrounds.

Safe, non-toxic ingredients
Safe to use alongside prescription medications
Competition and Racing safe (not swab-able)
Safe for pregnant and lactating mares
Alcohol free

All remedies have a shelf life of 2 years

General Disclaimer: Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.

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