Poseidon Digestive EQ - Equine Gut Supplement

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A complete fore and hindgut digestive product for horses designed to support equine gut health and immune systems. The Digestive EQ digestive supplement provides the benefits of:

  • digestive enzymes for improved digestion and nutrient uptake,
  • dual action stomach pH buffering with red marine algae and magnesium hydroxide,
  • new post-biotics, as well as prebiotics, for extra gut protection and repair,
  • four amino acids for stomach health and cell repair,
  • an updated magnesium to calcium ratio to ensure optimum absorption and metabolisation levels.

If your horse competes at a high level, or has more grain in their diet, consider the enhanced Digestive RP gut supplement with additional amino acids and digestive enzymes, plus higher levels of postbiotics and buffering agents for even more gut support.

For 4kg Tub, price per kg is $30.50. 4kg will normally last a 500kg horse 35 days.